Meet Greg – but don’t be like him

So Greg just arrived and is looking for new friends to go explore the city with. Rumour has it he’s a social animal and no one can stop him! He is, quite literally, out of this world 😉

But unfortunately, no matter how hard he tries, Greg can’t find friends to show him around… Why? Well, it could be one of two reasons: 1. He’s wearing a space suit, so no one can understand what he’s saying or 2. He doesn’t have Gather.

Not being biased here, but we already know which one of the two options it is… He doesn’t have Gather!!! It’s not because he doesn’t want to download Gather, because trust me he does… it’s just that iPhones aren’t adapted to space gloves just yet! Poor Greg.

Without Gather, meeting new people that are part of your network of friends is, well, just not possible. I mean, you could go and meet a complete stranger, but let’s be honest, hanging out with someone you have friends in common with is just so much better!

We believe everything happens for a reason. Greg has descended from the stars to come teach us that, we shouldn’t be like him. We should be able to connect with our network of friends wherever we go.

Greg tried everything but didn’t succeed. He is now looking for a return trip back to Mars. We wish you all the best for your future Greg!

Don’t be like Greg. Find your friends and their friends wherever you go. Use Gather 😉

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