Gather in 5 easy steps

Travel Better, Travel Gather.

Wait, before you head to your next destination this spring! Don’t forget the most important piece of your luggage! Your Gather app!
No, you won’t need to pay any excess fees, it’s an app, it’s lightweight! Why not use it when you’re waiting at the airport? To check for new Gmates in your future destination!

It’s super easy to use, just download it on your phone, connect to Facebook, complete your profile and add your Facebook friends to instantly check out who’s in town! Play around with Gather app, edit your passport and make the best of your travels!

Okay, you’ve got no idea where to go next? Gather’s your best friend, and tells you the cities you are most connected with! Didn’t know you had 10 friends in Berlin? Well, now you know! Your social circle expands well beyond your existing network through the friends of your friends, Gather’s here to introduce you a new travel and friendship experience!

Gather puts you in contact with your extended network in each and every place. Start now! Hello, Wanderlust!

Check-in to your favourite cities, Connect with awesome people to expand your circle & live local!

You’ll make a new friend in San Francisco, Julia, through your flatmate in London, Tom. So basically if you don’t have friends at all you can forget about using Gather as you need at least one friend! But if you do have that one friend and want to make the most of your social life, get Gather.

Every time you make new friends, Gather gives you access to their friends so you can make much more of a city than you did before! Your Gmates, your Gather connections, are waiting for you around the world to show you the local way of life!

No more dodgy meet ups on random social apps, you trust Julia she’s Sam’s friend. She’s part of your Gather circle.

I Gather, You Gather

If you’re a student or young professional, that you think global & put international experience at the forefront of your studies/ career and dream of traveling the world then Gather is for you.

If you want to discover the world through your friends and meet great people to share local experiences, memories, parties, and lots more then Gather is for you.

If you want to enhance your traveling experience to the next level, then Gather is for you.

Gather well, Gather often

Gather is global.

You can check-in in all large cities and hot spots. You don’t know it yet but your network is wider than you think. Let’s discover it together.

Try Gather on the move! When waiting for your US Boarder stamp in the queue at JFK in NYC.

At home, if you want to chat on the app and organize your next trip!
Waiting in a bar for your friends? Check out your new invites and edit your passport anywhere.

Living in an awesome city? Share your tips and meet up with friends. Have fun getting to know friends of your friends and explore your city in a new light!

There’s always a reason to Gather and a Gmate to show you around.

Gather before you travel, Gather when you travel, Gather after you travel!

Moving to a new city? Gather’s here to help!

Thinking of taking a Gap Year? Gather’s your best mate, from Thailand to Sydney.

Need a place to stay? A tip? The name of a great restaurant for your new date? Gather’s your best bet!

Feeling lost in a new city? Connect to gather and chat with friends of your friends who you can meet up with you and discover the best scene through your own special social circle.

Gather’s there from start to finish, so expand your vision!

Get ready for the experience of a lifetime with the app that shows you that you already know someone everywhere.

Coming Soon — Spring 2017

by Morgane Pisoni

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