Don’t get mixed app! Get closer together!

So you’ve heard about Gather right? But don’t get mixed up, there are a few apps using Gather as a nickname. Gather — In Real Life, the fake app will take you on a Journey to spam, as highlighted by TechCrunch last week, whereas we launch the best of travel yet to come, the app that takes you on a real journey around the world, and we’re called Gather — Closer together.
We are launching Gather — Closer together in May 2017, and we really want you to trust us as much as we trust in you! It’s that same quality of trust that we’ve put in Gather to create the best recipe to travel safer around the world.

Basically, Gather is all about getting people closer together. By inviting your friends from Facebook to join the app, you’re put in contact with their friends all over the world to expand your travel network and live with locals everywhere!

It’s easy, we want to make people connected in the best cities around the world, so if you’ve got a friend in London, that same friend’s friend living in San Francisco becomes your friend and then a safe anchor on the West Coast when you go there.

At Gather — Closer together we are all about expanding your network through your existing friendships, nothing like a spam that basically just wants to piss your network off, right?

Gather launches in May and we’d be happy to offer any of you an exclusive preview pass so you can get to know Gather — Closer together better before anyone else!
See you soon!

The Gather Team!

by Morgane Pisoni

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  1. Louis June 14, 2017 at 9:35 am - Reply

    Ok ! This explains that! Anyway your concept looks much more interesting!

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