Our philosophy

Our main goal is to ​create a quality ​network 

This network will tell you exactly who you are connected to around the world, so that you can acquire not only the necessary tips, contacts and interactions for a welcoming and intricate travel experience, but also long lasting friendships!

We want people to think of Gather as an open door, bringing people Closer Together.


It all began with two friends

When Sandra was studying in Singapore, she discovered she had loads of friends in common with people she met at her university and around South Asia! She then met Nicolas in Paris, when they were both about to go work in London. They met at a party hosted by a friend they had in common, so then the idea just suddenly “clicked”! There needed to be a social network which could connect you to the local and extended network of your friends without having to be introduced.


   See who’s in the city you wish to travel to  


Swipe and interact with your friends


Connect with their friends


Find the person you are most connected with


Send them a request and message them



Check in & discover who are your most connected mates in town!


Gather reveals your extended network wherever you are so that you interact with them and live a local experience like never before. Your network is full of open-minded & international people looking to share moments with you.


Become an Ambassador so you can be more visible in your network.


Ambassadors are the most visible and active members of the app. As an Ambassador, you will benefit from exclusive features ahead of the rest of the community. People will see you like an anchor in your own city.


Explore & find out the cities you have the most connections in!


Gather inspires your next move. Whether you are looking to live, work or travel abroad, don’t miss out on the chance to ask your friends for tips and help you plan your trip. Your network is more international than you imagine!


Keep in touch with your friends and connect with their friends!


Chat with your friends and connect with their friends to share tips and organize your meet-ups. Send them Gather requests, messages, pictures and locations. We don’t want you to be left out!

Gather for universities & business schools

Gather ​connect​s​ students ​& alumni not only with their university network, but also with their private social network determined by where they live, study and work abroad. With this, Gather makes their university a reference point for wherever they go, beyond the professional sphere. This increases the university’s visibility within a network of partners in the wider academic circle.​

Notably, Gather comes up with an innovative Alumni Relations management solution, as it creates a homogenous network that develops itself, where the university can track their students and alumni in real time. Our mission is therefore to build the university’s brand image internationally and help them maintain connected with their alumni, that are now part of a wider network. 

Team members


As a leading business school graduate with an intuitive feel for tomorrow’s successes, he was naturally drawn to the world of Gather and to dedicate transforming a simple idea into a promising enterprise.


Her study abroad in Singapore was a revelation: randomly meeting mates of her mates on the other side of the globe made her discover that we indeed live in “a very small world”.


Hands-on techie, with an entrepreneurial spirit. He’s built two software and hardware companies and is now bringing his technical skill and startup expertise to Gather.


Her multicultural background led her to travel the world and develop a special interest for communication. After her literature and art studies, she was naturally drawn to join the Gather Team.


This well travelled finance expert with 10 years of experience was immediately seduced by the concept of Gather. His background and communication skills make him a talented interlocutor of investors.


This Parisian UX/UI designer and illustrator joined the team whilst she was based in San Francisco. Gather is honoured to collaborate with such a talented digital art director.


A well travelled and dynamic third year undergraduate at the London School of Economics, Mariana fell in love with the idea of Gather as soon as she discovered it and decided to jump on board to push it to the next level


An incredibly proactive masters student also at the London School of Economics, Sofia joined the Gather team to share with us her extensive knowledge and profound skills in Digital Marketing

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